A building inspection ensures that your construction, renovation or demolition project complies with the Ontario Building Code and the regulations outlined in your Building Permit.

Book an inspection

Contact us to book a building inspection. Please notify us at least 24 hours prior to the required inspection.

It is a violation to proceed with certain work without first getting an inspection. Failure to call for a required inspection may result in the removal of completed works. This can cost you time and money.

When do I need an inspection?

All mandatory and required inspections are listed on your building permit or other documentation issued with the building permit.

Here are the general stages for all types of permits:

  • footing (prior to placement of concrete)
  • weepers/foundation
  • outside drains
  • inside drains
  • framing
  • rough-in plumbing
  • insulation
  • general inspection or re-inspections (if required)
  • final inspection

Please contact us for more information or clarity.

Liquor licences

You need to get a building inspection in order to receive a liquor licence in the Town of Orangeville. Contact us to book an inspection.