If your property is in a source protection vulnerable area, you will need to receive additional review and approval in order to undertake certain activities on your property. We need to make sure that activities carried out on land don't impact the quality of our underground municipal drinking water sources.

Source protection applications for planning and building approvals

Before you apply for a planning approval or building permit, you need to complete the Application for a Notice to Proceed to ensure that your project meets the guidelines set out in the Source Protection Plan.

Submit your application by email or drop it off at Town Hall located at 87 Broadway.

We will review your application and determine if any additional steps need to be taken before you apply for a planning approval or building permit. Review our Source Water Protection Guidelines for Planning and Building Permit Applications for more details.

Risk Management Plan Guidelines

You may need to develop a Risk Management Plan if you are currently undertaking, or planning to undertake, certain activities on your property and you are in a vulnerable area. View the Source Water Protection Risk Management Plan Guidelines for full details.

Contact us if you need to develop a Risk Management Plan. The following activities are identified as drinking water threats and may require a Risk Management Plan:

  • fuel storage
  • chemical storage
  • road salt application and storage
  • snow storage
  • activities that reduce groundwater recharge (including land development and construction)
  • handling, storage and application of fertilizer and pesticides
  • storage of PCB waste
  • airplane de-icing