Orangeville Forward – the Town of Orangeville's Strategic Plan defines a common vision for the municipality, identifies priorities and provides Council and staff with a framework to guide decision-making.

View the progress reports to see some of our achievements with the five key priorities set out in the Strategic Plan.


Orangeville is an inclusive community that respects its heritage, natural environment and small town appeal while embracing the future with a progressive and innovative spirit.

Key priorities

In order to fulfill our vision, the Strategic Plan identifies five key priority areas.

Municipal service

Town service will be citizen focused and delivered professionally to ensure quality that meets the needs of the community. Municipal services will be:

  • delivered with a focus on customer service
  • effective and efficient
  • respectful of cost and impact to the community

Strong governance

Strong governance will result from a transparent and fair decision-making process, fiscal responsibility and enhanced communication with the public. This will result from:

  • financial responsibility
  • enhanced communication
  • positive relationships with other governments, agencies and private sector
  • transparent and fair decision-making processes

Economic vitality

Economic growth will focus on business development, retention, expansion, increased tourism, and cultural opportunities. Economic vitality will:

  • attract, retain and expand business
  • foster entrepreneurship
  • stimulate tourism and cultural development
  • further workforce development

Community stewardship

Our community will embrace our heritage and will be an accessible, inclusive place where residents feel safe, engaged and involved. Community stewardship will offer a high quality of life where citizens are:

  • safe and protected
  • active and healthy
  • engaged and involved
  • champions of the environment

Sustainable infrastructure

Infrastructure will become sustainable through the well-planned management of Town assets and systems that keep people moving and the community functioning. Sustainable infrastructure will require that we:

  • maintain current assets
  • plan for growth
  • support innovation
  • provide systems that keep people moving