The Town of Orangeville's five-year Tourism Strategy & Action Plan was developed to provide clear and achievable goals that will guide ongoing local tourism success. Its creation follows the findings of the Town’s Economic Development Strategy 2018, which identified tourism as a sector of focus for future growth within the region.

The plan highlights assets throughout the Town that, together, create a compelling tourism narrative, and seeks to define how these can be most effectively utilized or enhanced. The strategy also identifies new and innovative approaches to attracting visitors, building upon established themes such as arts and culture, nature and the outdoors, and historic, small-town charm.

The Tourism Strategy & Action Plan Progress Report from March 2024 provides an update of activities and results.

The future of tourism in Orangeville

A five-year vision was developed to guide Orangeville's tourism development:

By 2026, the Town of Orangeville will be a burgeoning tourism destination known for its unique combination of progressive community values and small town vibe, which both locals and visitors look to for unique public and performing art experiences, culinary imbibement, and access to outdoor activities, knowing there is something to enjoy year-round.

Four strategic priorities were established to guide the action plan and achieve this vision:

  1. Administration and Operations
  2. Branding and Marketing
  3. Tourism Asset and Experience Development
  4. Infrastructure and Investments

Leveraging culture as a tourism asset

The Tourism Strategy and Action Plan includes reference to Orangeville's Cultural Advantage, the Town's first Cultural Plan. As demonstrated in the Cultural Advantage Progress Summary, 90% of the plan's recommendations have been addressed. Given the strong connection between culture and tourism in Orangeville, any outstanding Cultural Plan actions were included in the Tourism Strategy and will be addressed through its implementation.