Every municipality in Ontario uses MPAC (the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) to determine the value used to calculate property taxes.

MPAC performs what is called a Common Valuation Assessment, which determines the reasonable rate at which a property/home could be sold based on the evaluation year (Common Valuation Date). Properties are assessed in a legislated year and based on the value of that year only.

These assessments are completed every four years.

Why is the most recent assessment significant?

The last legislated assessment for properties in Ontario was January 1, 2016. Although the next assessment was set for 2020, the province postponed it to provide stability to municipalities and property owners during the pandemic.

This means currently, all property taxes – including new builds – are based on the valuation assessments from 2016.

How do I learn more about my property's assessed value?

MPAC has created an online tool that allows property owners to see their assessed value, as well as compare similar properties, and more. 

You can access this tool my visiting aboutmyproperty.ca.