The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee is an advisory body to Council on matters and issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in the Town.

Meetings, minutes and agendas

View the  committee calendar for upcoming meeting dates, agendas, and past meeting minutes. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets a minimum of three times per year, at the call of the Chair.

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 Committee composition

 A total of up to fourteen members representing diverse backgrounds and groups (national origin, ethnicity, language, race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, etc.), plus two non-voting members of staff. Membership on the Committee should be reflective of a commitment to EDI.

  • two members of Council
  • up to 12 citizens who reside in, work or volunteer in the area of the Town
 Required skills

Committee members should have experience working on diversity and inclusion issues and/or, lived experience as a member of a group that has historically been discriminated against.

Committee members should reside, do business or volunteer in the community. 

 Goals and objectives
  • to advise on short-term, intermediate and long-term EDI issues, matters and opportunities to increase the community’s equity, diversity and inclusivity
  • develop a work plan to be approved by Council
  • provide advice, feedback and make recommendations to Council on issues and matters related to equity, diversity and inclusivity in the Town
  • identify best practices through research and raise awareness in the community
  • identify systematic and institutional barriers in Town processes, services, programs or facilities
  • identify barriers in the community that impact the social, health and or economic well-being of residents and propose solutions
  • provide advice and input on matters related to:
  1. Equity, diversity and inclusion of all citizens in the community
  2. Addressing systemic and institutional bias
  • provide advice on programs, services and processes from an EDI perspective

The EDI Committee (“Committee”) of the Town of Orangeville will serve as a main advisory body to Council on matters and issues related to equity, diversity and inclusivity in the Town. The Committee will consult externally with the community, with a focus on liaising with marginalized groups/groups that have historically experienced discrimination, and internally with staff, to progress EDI initiatives, which includes providing advice, feedback, and making recommendations to Town Council.

The Committee may also initiate, direct, and/or monitor volunteer community working groups participating in specific projects or initiatives on behalf of the EDI Committee and in line with its approved work plan.