You need a licence in order to own, operate, or drive a vehicle for hire in the Town of Orangeville. A vehicle for hire means a taxicab, limousine, or transportation network company. Click here to review the Town of Orangeville’s Vehicle for Hire By-law 2022-038.

The Town of Orangeville issues Vehicle for Hire licences on behalf of the Town of Grand Valley, Town of Mono, and the Town of Shelburne.

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Apply for a taxi, limousine, or transportation network company licence

Please select the appropriate application and submit it with all necessary documentation.

Contact [email protected] if you need to submit through an alternate format. 

Application - Vehicle for Hire (Broker)

Application - Vehicle for Hire (Driver)

Application - Vehicle for Hire (Owner)

Application - Vehicle for Hire (Transportation Network Company)


You need to renew your licence each year

  • Taxicab and Limousine driver's licences expire annually on October 31. 
  • Taxicab and Limousine owner's vehicle licences expire annually on October 31. 
  • Taxicab Broker's licences expire annually on October 31. 
  • Transportation Network Company licences expire October 31. 


Limousine Licence 
Licence Annual Fee

Limousine Driver


Limousine Owner


Taxicab Licence
LicenceAnnual Fee

Taxicab Driver


Taxicab Owner


Accessible Taxicab Owner

$0.00 (no fee)

Taxicab Owner with Green Plate $0.00 (no fee)
Taxicab Broker $180.00
Taxicab and Limousine Replacement 

Replacement Plate


Replacement Licence


Transfer of Plate to New Vehicle


Transportation Network Company
LicenceAnnual Fee
1 - 24 Vehicles $4000.00
25 -  49 Vehicles $6000.00
50 + Vehicles $8000.00