A review and update of the Town of Orangeville's Official Plan is currently underway.

Project status

The Planning Act requires municipalities to periodically update their Official Plans to ensure they maintain alignment with provincial policy direction and continue to effectively implement evolving local planning interests. The Town commenced its latest review of its Official Plan in the spring of 2015. Following the completion of supporting land needs assessment studies, the process was put on hold, primarily due to changes made by the province to prevailing provincial plan framework (i.e. Growth Plan) that occurred through 2016-2017.

Since then, the Official Plan Review has been re-initiated and has been split in two phases.  Phase 1 has commenced and focuses on updates to non-growth management and land use-related aspects, similar to a housekeeping review and update. Phase 2 will focus on the growth management and land use allocation aspect, and commence at a later point in time.

Public involvement

Public input is a key part of the Official Plan Review process. See our public notices page to find out about upcoming public meetings.

Review the staff reports and public presentations to date:

Related studies

The following past planning studies were part of the Official Plan Review:

  • Land Needs Assessment
  • Land Needs Assessment and Commercial Market Analysis
  • Tourism Development and Marketing Plan
  • Dufferin Active Transportation and Trails Master Plan
  • Orangeville House Needs Analysis


The Town of Orangeville has initiated a review and update of the Official Plan in order to bring the plan into alignment with updated provincial policies and plans to reflect evolving local priorities.

The Town's Official Plan was initially adopted and approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in 1985. Over time, there have been a number of amendments to the plan resulting from site-specific applications and various five-year review updates to account for changes to provincial planning policy and legislative frameworks. The last Official Plan Review and update was approved in 2010. This review addressed a number of pertinent planning matters and policy changes at that time, including consistency with the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement, legislative changes to the Planning Act and the newly-implemented Places to Grow Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe in 2006.

The current Official Plan Review intends to align the Town's Official Plan with more recent changes to provincial and county planning policy as well as other legislative changes that have occurred since the previous 2008-2010 Official Plan Review. This assessment was completed to determine if the Town is equipped to achieve the growth targets contained within the 2006 Growth Plan and the new Dufferin County Official Plan to the year 2036, based on the extent of lands designated in the Town to accommodate such growth.