Orangeville Transit is committed to making your trip enjoyable. Learn about our fare-free transit pilot or check out our route schedule and maps before your next trip.

Rider Guidelines

We ask that all riders on Orangeville Transit review our guidelines and ensure you are always respectful of other passengers and our drivers. 

Backpacks and bulky bags

If you are carrying a backpack or large bag, please make sure it doesn't block the aisles. You should remove the bag from your back and place it on the floor or on your lap while riding.

Priority seating courtesies

If you are in the priority seating area, please leave the seat if a passenger with a mobility issue gets on the bus.

Non-Transit Buses

In the event Orangeville Transit requires the use of non-transit buses (school buses) to supplement routes, we have taken steps to identify these buses to our riders. Orangeville Transit signs are now visible on each bus when they are in service. Signs are colour coordinated to match the colour of the route they are servicing (Blue, Green, Orange).

The signs can be found on the passenger side of the vehicle to assist riders in identifying the buses when waiting at transit stops.

Strollers, walkers, and shopping carts

If you have a stroller or walker on the bus, please make sure that they don't block the aisles. If possible, we recommend folding strollers and walkers.

We allow shopping carts and packages as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • items must not block the aisles or restrict passenger movements
  • you must control all items
  • you must be able to carry all items onto the bus in one trip
  • do not place shopping items or bags on passenger seats if the bus is crowded

Accessibility and Mobility Service Information

Accessible Buses and Accessibility Services

Orangeville Transit is dedicated to ensuring accessible transit options are available to our riders who require those services. All of our Town-owned buses are accessible and priority seating spaces are provided for those with wheelchairs, scooters, and other accessibility needs.

  • Orangeville Transit has arranged the purchase of two new fully accessible, AODA compliant buses. The buses have been ordered and are expected to arrive in Spring 2025.

When the Town's transit buses are off the roads for mechanical reasons, Orangeville Transit has worked to ensure our riders with services to meet their needs.

  • The Town of Orangeville has secured access to a school bus with wheelchair accessibility. The bus is a Freightliner with a 32 passenger capacity and two wheelchair spots.
  • Temporary buses with accessibility provisions will be chosen for routes based on demands of the public.
  • An Orangeville Transit accessible van will be used to supplement routes and the needs of the public in the event multiple routes require temporary buses and no accessible Freightliners are available. Information will be posted at Transit stops and on our Orangeville Transit page in the event the accessible van is required.

Service Animals

Service Animals are permitted on all Orangeville Transit Vehicles:

  1. Provided the service animal is working in aid of the person/passenger making the trip; or
  2. The service animals is being transported for the purpose of picking up the person for whom the animal has been assigned for service; or
  3. The service animal is being trained by a qualified professional or handler for the purpose of training the animal for its final purpose (service).

The Service Animal must be clearly identifiable and have an official vest/harness identifying that the animal is in service of the passenger, trainer, transporter.

The passenger transporting, training or using the animal must ensure that the animal remains in the care and control of the passenger at all times. 

Priority Seating

All Orangeville Transit buses have a designated priority seating area for individuals with mobility issues. These seats are typically located near the front of the bus. Any individuals seated in the priority seating area that do not require mobility assistance are asked to please leave the seat if a passenger with a mobility issue gets on the bus.

Support Persons

Support workers accompanying an individual that requires assistance are welcome on all Orangeville Transit buses.

Orangeville Transit Operations

As part of our continued improvements to ensure Orangeville Transit riders have a positive experience, we will update this section regularly with information on the current bus statuses, identifying which vehicles are on the road, and how to request accessible alternatives where needed. 

Orangeville Transit Buses - On the Road

  • Bus 602 - Running on the Green Route
  • Bus 601 - Running on the Blue Route

Non-Orangeville Transit Buses - On the Road

  • Orange Route - Accessible Bus

Orangeville Transit Buses - Off the Road

  • Bus 901 - Out for service.
  • Bus 801 - Out for service.