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To provide guidance and recommendations regarding incentive program applications pursuant to the Town of Orangeville Community Improvement Plan (CIP), and to make recommendations to Council regarding incentive program promotion, funding and implementation.

Goals and Objectives

 The Community Improvement Plan Committee will accomplish its mandate by:
  1. Reviewing incentive program application submissions and providing direction and recommendations to staff regarding approvals, and/or providing feedback to applicants where applicable;
  2. Providing advice and recommendations to Council on measures of success for CIP incentive program performance; and
  3. Providing advice and recommendations to Council regarding incentive program funding and implementation matters consistent with the CIP.
In carrying-out the foregoing, the Committee will have regard for the following:
  • The Town of Orangeville CIP
  • The Town of Orangeville Design Guidelines
  • The Town of Orangeville Official Plan
  • The Town of Orangeville Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP)
  • The Town of Orangeville Strategic Plan
  • Heritage Designations, Conservation Districts and the Municipal Heritage Register
  • Applicable Town Development Standards, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures
Composition and Skills

The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members comprised of:
  • 1 appointed member of Council*
  • 1 member recommended from each of the following Advisory Committees and interest groups:
    • Heritage Orangeville
    • Access Orangeville
    • Sustainable Orangeville
    • Economic Development and Culture Committee (EDC)
    • Orangeville Business Improvement Area (BIA)

* Councillors that serve on any of the Committee or interest groups listed cannot be appointed as the representative of that Committee.

Skills Requested:

Members should:

  • have demonstrated expertise in their respective affiliation(s)
  • have knowledge of building and construction practices
  • have knowledge of site planning, design & development processes
  • be advocates for good planning and the broader public interest
  • have a reasonable understanding of financial matters related to building construction, real estate and site development
Terms of Reference
 Terms of Reference - CIP