The Town of Orangeville's annual Call for Artists aims to promote the talent of local artists and enhance their connection with the community. It was initiated in 2016 when the Utility Box Art Display Program was created. The program's objective is to enhance the community’s public places through the installation of high-quality public artwork. There are now 30 pieces included as part of this growing collection. Public artwork can function as a form of communication to an audience in transit throughout the Town with the goal of creating a vibrant, inclusive, and interesting urban environment. 

Utility Box Art in Orangeville

Utility Box Art in Orangeville

Utility Box Art in Orangeville

Utility Box Art in Orangeville

Utility Box Art in Orangeville

Utility Box Art in Orangeville

The 2023 Call for Artists is now closed!

Thank you to all the artists who applied.

Call for Artists

Local artists are invited to submit original designs for the 2023 Call for Artists. This year, up to four utility boxes will be added to the program through this Call for Artists. 

Artists residing in Dufferin County are invited to submit their original designs using direction provided in the Call for Artists. Any visual medium that can be submitted as a digital image and duplicated in a high-quality large-scale format will be accepted. This includes painting, drawing, photography, and digital art.  

Successful artist submissions must:

  • be innovative in design
  • foster community pride
  • strive to counteract graffiti vandalism
  • contribute to a sense of identity for residents and businesses. 

Interested artists are encouraged to review all requirements in the Call for Artists before completing an online submission. 


Up to four utility box locations will be included in the 2023 installations:

  • 326 Broadway – Hydro transformer
  • 44 Broadway – Hydro transformer
  • Centennial and Dawson Roads
  • Dragonfly Park, near 17 Town Line
Eligibility Criteria
  • Artist applicants must reside in Dufferin County.
  • Artist applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Town of Orangeville employees and members of the Town of Orangeville Economic Development and Culture Committee are not eligible to apply.
Design Criteria

Artwork must be submitted by location using the template provided. Artists are encouraged to visit the location(s) and consider how their submission is relevant to the context of the selected area. Artists should consider how the artwork will be displayed on the utility box and note features (e.g. handles, poles, vents), traffic direction, and how the artwork will wrap around the utility box. 

Designs must not contain:

  • any representations of traffic lights, signs, or signals;
  • advertisement or promotion for any business, product, or viewpoint;
  • vulgar, profane, offensive, negative, or insensitive images or writing;
  • any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, or images of illegal activity;
  • any attachment of any object(s) to the box.

All final designs will be reviewed and approved by the Town of Orangeville. Some changes to the design may be required to accommodate individual site requirements. Artists should understand that the finished works will be on functioning equipment that may need repair or replacing at some point in time. The Town therefore cannot guarantee the duration of exhibition on each utility box. Artists must accept the risk that their artwork may be damaged, altered, or removed at any time after completion. 


Open theme: Designs should fit the character of Orangeville. Themes may include nature, local history, or celebration of arts and culture. Art will be selected with consideration to scale, form, content, and visibility. Artists are encouraged to visit the location and consider how their design is relevant to the context of the selected location. 

Each location has its own template. To access the template, click the utility box location below. Please right-click on the image to save it to your files.

Please not these templates are submission purposes only. Selected artists will be required to provide full quality, print-ready .jpg or .tiff files of the artwork at their own expense within two weeks of being notified. Artists whose works have been selected for display will be notified by Friday, June 2, 2023. Artwork will be professionally installed using a high-quality vinyl wrap.

Artist Fees and Requirements

Successful artists will receive a $750.00 fee for the design of their work. 

Selected artists will be required to complete and sign an agreement as part of their submission. The Town of Orangeville reserves the right to alter, edit, modify, adapt, reproduce and/or illustrate the artwork for any use, including promotional purposes. 

Selected artists will be required to provide full quality, print-ready .jpg or .tiff files of the artwork at their own expense within two weeks of being notified. Artists whose works have been selected for display will be notified by Friday, June 2, 2023. Artwork will be professionally installed using a high-quality vinyl wrap.


Artwork will be selected by a team of jurors assembled by the Town of Orangeville. Submitted artwork will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Fulfillment of eligibility and design criteria
  • Artistic excellence, both as a standalone image and as an installed piece of art
  • Appropriateness of content and design relative to the location and theme (if applicable)
  • Quality, visibility, and clarity of image

The Town reserves the right to reject any or all submissions. Although submissions will be juried by location, the jury reserves the right to select the most appropriate final location for selected artwork.  

Submission Requirements

Submit online by 12 p.m. on Thursday, May 11, 2023. Please complete the online form and upload all required documents.

  • Artist biography and/or resume (maximum 2 pages)
  • Design concept (maximum 1 page) outlining how the proposed artwork fits within the objective of the Call for Artists and enhances the community
  • Standalone image of the design concept (minimum resolution of 800 pixels on the shortest side)
  • Artist Layout template with design concept overlaid, using the correct template for the selected location(s)

The submission deadline is Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 12 p.m.  If you have questions about the details or requirements, please contact us

Complete Submission Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the topics below to find answers to commonly asked questions about the Call for Artists.

Can I apply again if my artwork is featured on an existing utility box?
Yes! There is no limit to the number of times that artist applicants can submit artwork for the program. 

Can I submit my artwork for more than one location?

Yes. Submissions will be reviewed by location so the same artwork can be considered for multiple locations. Artists can also submit multiple pieces for consideration at different locations in the same year.

What artwork mediums are accepted?

Artists are welcome to submit visual artwork in the following mediums: painting, drawing, photography, digital art. All submissions must be provided as digital images for duplication in a high-quality, large-scale format. For the purpose of the submission, low-resolution images will be accepted. Artists whose work is selected will be responsible for providing high-quality images by Friday, June 2, 2023.

Do I need to create a new piece of art to fit the Artist Layout template?

While artists are invited to create new pieces specifically for the utility box locations, existing artwork can also be submitted. Adjustments may be required to ensure that the artwork fits the template. See the below accordion for details.

What do I do if my artwork doesn’t match the template dimensions?

Artists are encouraged to manipulate their own artwork to fit the dimensions of the selected utility box location. This may include, but is not limited to, scaling, stretching, stitching, or mirroring elements when placing it on the template.

Please do not amend the Artist Layout template page(s). Overlay a digital image of the artwork onto the template and ensure that the artwork extends to the edges of the template in all directions. The transparency of the image can be adjusted so that the lines of the template are visible. Artists are encouraged to consider the front panel as the focal point for their artwork.

Utility box template with light purple-blue space themed background

What do I need to consider when laying my artwork on the Artist Layout template?

The provided Artist Layout templates help to show how the design will be installed on the utility box. It is recommended that artists aim to keep the focal point of their art on the front panel of the utility box and away from edges. Artists should consider utility box features such as poles, identification numbers, keyholes, vents, and handles as part of their submission. A visit to the utility box location is recommended in advance of submission.

If you require assistance with the template, please email Ashley Noseworthy at [email protected].

How do I create the Artist Layout template?

A photo editing tool is required to create the Artist Layout. If artists don’t have access to photo editing software, please contact Ashley Noseworthy at [email protected] to be provided with a link to a Canva file where a free template can be created.

  1. Using the photo editing tool, save the Artist Layout template as the base layer.
  2. Upload a digital copy of the artwork to the same file. Position the artwork over the template.
  3. Adjust the transparency of the artwork so the dimensions of the utility box can be seen.
  4. Adjust the artwork as required to completely cover the utility box. Consider where the artwork will wrap around the utility box and how other features may impact the artwork.
  5. Save the file and submit along with other requirements.
How are artists paid for their artwork?
Successful artists will receive a $750.00 fee for the design of their work.