The Mayor's Youth Advisory Council advises and keeps Council informed of important matters affecting youth in the Town of Orangeville.

Meetings, minutes and agendas

One appointments are made, view the committee calendar for upcoming meetings and agendas as well as past meeting minutes. Mayor's Youth Advisory Council meets quarterly or at the call of the Chair.

Request to Present

If you wish to make a presentation to the Committee, you may submit your request online. A printable version of the form is also available through the link below.

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To provide a voice for the youth of Orangeville and to advise Council of important recreational and social issues concerning the municipalities younger population and to strengthen community relationships and create a mechanism for open and meaningful dialogue on municipal issues thereby enhancing the quality of life that Town of Orangeville youth residents enjoy.

The Committee may also direct or monitor working groups, comprised of current committee members, participating in specific projects or initiatives. Any working groups will be established by resolution of the committee and the working group will report back to the committee at the next regular Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council meeting.

 Goals and Objectives
  1. To keep Council informed of important matters affecting youth.
  2. To occasionally host youth workshops/forums, conduct surveys to address concerns and needs that affect youth.
  3. To act as a positive advocate for youth.
  4. To actively seek input from youth on important matters.
  5. To support events created by the Committee that relate to the mandate.
  6. To provide leadership experience for youth.
 Committee Composition and Skills
The Committee shall consist of up to seven members composed of:
  • 1 Council member
  • Up to 6 members of the public up to the age of 20

Skills Requested

Preference may be given to candidates who demonstrate:

  • An understanding and desire to promote youth initiatives within the community.
 Terms of Reference
Mayor's Youth Advisory Council