In the Town of Orangeville, we are committed to protecting and celebrating our heritage through a variety of heritage planning designations and conservation efforts.

Heritage Conservation

Individual property heritage designations and Heritage Conservation Districts help preserve and enhance the architectural heritage of the Town of Orangeville. View the Municipal Heritage Registry for a complete list of heritage designated and non-designated heritage properties.

What if my property is under Heritage Protection?

For heritage designated properties and non-designated properties of heritage value, you may need Town approval for alterations to these properties, depending on the work being undertaken. Review the Heritage Register to see if your property is subject to heritage protection. You need a heritage permit to renovate a designated heritage property or a property located within a heritage conservation district in the Town of Orangeville.

Apply for a heritage permit

Properties that are listed as non-designated on the Municipal Heritage Register do not require a heritage permit. However, demolishing or removing any structure or building on a non-designated property may require Town approval. Contact the Planning Division for more information about the approval process for demolishing or removing a structure on a non-designated property

Heritage Orangeville

Heritage Orangeville advises Council and the public about the value of heritage resources to encourage awareness, appreciation and stewardship in heritage conservation activities. Learn about the work done by Heritage Orangeville and explore the history and heritage of our community.