The Town of Orangeville is committed to preserving our heritage through the establishment of Heritage Conservation Districts (HDCs) as outline in the Ontario Heritage Act.

View and learn more about the HDCs and proposed HCDs in Orangeville:

Do I need a heritage permit?

If you own a property that has received a heritage designation or is located within a HDC, you need a heritage permit in order to renovate or make certain changes to the property.

What is a Heritage Conservation District?

A Heritage Conservation District is outlined in part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. This allows municipalities to preserve the historic significance of the municipality or areas within the municipality by making them heritage conservation districts.


HDCs form a major part of our cultural heritage and contribute to an understanding and appreciation of the cultural identity of the community. Conservation districts have been show to:

  • increase property values
  • promote a sense of pride in community
  • allow Council to manage and guide future changes to the district
  • allow Council to develop policies and guidelines for conservation, protection and enhancement of the area's special character