In order to protect downtown Orangeville's diverse and rich heritage, the Town of Orangeville designated a portion of the downtown core as a Heritage Conservation District as outlined in the Ontario Heritage Act.

District area

View the District Area By-law and the Information Brochure to see a map with the properties located in the Downtown Heritage Conservation District.

If you own property in the Downtown Heritage Conservation District, you need a heritage permit in order to renovate or make changes to your property.

Heritage guidelines

Review the Downtown Heritage Conservation District Guidelines to find out details about the architectural, historical and contextual guidelines that help maintain the historic character of the district. The guideline is not meant to restrict design proposals or prevent change in the district. Instead, the purpose is to illustrate the common characteristics of the district and ensure that changes complement the area's historical and architectural heritage.

District study

The Downtown Heritage Conservation District Study includes a building inventory and accompanying guidelines that will help guide future developments in the area.