Under section IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, the Town of Orangeville can designate individual properties that the Town considers to have significant cultural heritage value. Designation of a property formally recognizes the unique architectural or historic characteristics of the property.

If your property has a heritage designation, you need a heritage permit in order to make certain renovations or changes to the property. Learn how to apply for a heritage permit.

Gain heritage designations

The first step in the process of designating a property is identifying the property as a candidate for designation. A property should first be listed on the Town's Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest before consideration for designation. Heritage Orangeville advises Council on the listing and designation of historically, architecturally and culturally significant properties within the Town.

The designation process involves the evaluation of a property's architectural, historical and contextual attributes following provincial criteria. These heritage attributes are itemized in a Municipal Designation By-law registered on title of a heritage designated property.

Contact the Planning division for more information about the heritage designation process in the Town of Orangeville