The Town of Orangeville is home to a diverse business community. A growing number of small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial operations complement our strong and varied industrial base. While we welcome a variety of enterprises in Orangeville, four key sectors present specific advantages and create opportunities to differentiate our business community. 


With a local workforce of more than 1,100 people in 81 local business operations, manufacturing plays a significant role in the economic growth and prosperity of Orangeville and Dufferin County. Manufacturers of plastics and rubber products are the largest employers in this sector. Food and machinery manufacturers also contribute to the sector's steady growth. Many of our manufacturers can effectively serve both national and international markets because of Orangeville's proximity to the Greater Toronto Area and easy access to transportation networks.


Business Retention + Expansion Program was completed with this sector in 2016. It identified key opportunities and challenges for local manufacturing businesses that continue to be addressed through targeted initiatives managed by the Town's Economic Development and Culture office.

 Business and professional services

An economic shift towards professional, scientific and technical services has highlighted Orangeville's potential to retain, grow and attract businesses in this sector. Orangeville is home to a growing number of legal and accounting firms, engineering and architectural services, computer systems design, and related services.

These firms employ almost 600 people and recruit extensively from the talents and skills of the local labour force. With lifestyle and location being a major draw for this sector, Orangeville has experienced an increase in the number of firms offering professional services, including many home-based operations.

In 2019, a Business Retention + Expansion Program was completed with this sector. A variety of local businesses shared their feedback about operating in Orangeville and offered ideas that will assist in continuing to grow this sector locally. 

 Cultural industries

Communities like Orangeville, with distinctive natural, historical and cultural features, are magnets for creative people. Choreographers, dancers, artists, photographers, and writers contribute to this sector, supported by innovative businesses that offer services such as telecommunications, data processing, recording. 

The Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit, including the regional bonus, is available for eligible Ontario film or television producers. Contact us to learn about filming opportunities and locations in Orangeville.


The cultural offerings in Orangeville are tightly intertwined with tourism, with many offering signature attractions for visitors. As one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors globally, tourism continues to grow in importance for Orangeville. Its central location and proximity to the Greater Toronto Area means that Orangeville is well-positioned to attract visitors.

A five-year Tourism Strategy & Action Plan was adopted in January 2021. The plan incorporates COVID-19 recovery measures while determining important next steps for the community's short and long-term economic development.