The Recreation and Parks Master Plan directs the planning and development of parks, trails, outdoor facilities, and recreation programs over the next 10 years in the Town of Orangeville.

Mission statement

The Recreation and Parks Master Plan guides the investments in parks, open spaces and trails to improve the health and sustainability of the community by:

  • supporting healthy, active lifestyles and participation in recreational activities
  • fostering continued strength of volunteer service, civic pride and local identity
  • conserving natural open spaces and features and fundamental ecological systems
  • contributing to positive urban and economic development

Principals and goals

We've identified the following principles and goals that will guide future decision-making related to parks, trails and open spaces.

Leadership and engagement

We want to continue to provide municipal leadership, build partnerships and promote community involvement and collaboration. Our goal is to:

  • initiate, co-ordinate and manage continued development and use of park resources through municipal leadership
  • support volunteer capacity and continued community service in the development and delivery of park resources and programming
  • build and sustain partnerships and promote public and private sector contributions to park resources
  • facilitate community awareness and participation in decision-making processes for park initiatives and investments

Balance opportunities

We are committed to providing a range of outdoor settings and facilities for diverse recreational, social and community areas. Our goal is to:

  • provide a balanced array of regional, community-wide and neighbourhood-level park resources and facilities
  • incorporate a range of built and natural outdoor environments, landscapes, facilities and amenities
  • provide flexible parks spaces that can accommodate diverse programmed and unstructured activities
  • provide locations and opportunities for year-round use
  • recognize and celebrate local heritage and culture

Maximize use and participation

We are committed to promote and facilitate broad community use of park resources and maximize capacity to support healthy, active living. Our goal is to:

  • promote community awareness and use of parks and related programs and activities
  • provide multi-use parks and integration/co-location with other community services and amenities (e.g., community centres and schools)
  • ensure recreational opportunities are available to support the widest possible range of users, ages, abilities and interests
  • provide opportunities for community access to publicly-owned natural areas where appropriate and sensitive to the natural features

Fair and equitable access

We want to ensure fairness and inclusiveness, connectivity and barrier-free opportunities. Our goal is to:

  • link parks and other community destinations and expand recreational and active transportation opportunities
  • ensure walkable access to parks in residential neighbourhoods and equitable geographic distribution of park resources across the community
  • ensure adequate parkland and timely development of parks and trails in areas of new development and to address urban intensification
  • incorporate barrier-free features and address accessibility standards