If you’re looking for somewhere to cool off in summer, why not visit one of the Town’s two splash pads?

The splash pads open for the season near the beginning of June and continue to operate until early September. View our Parks Locator to map the locations. The splash pad operating hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Washroom/changeroom facilities are available during splash pad hours.

Rotary Splash Pad at Fendley Parksplash pad at Fendley Park

Developed as a partnership project with the Rotary Club of Orangeville and the town in 2015, this splash pad includes pond features such as frogs, birds, cattails and flowers. The pad has two distinct areas for younger children and older children and both areas are fully accessible and interactive. There is a pavilion area with picnic tables and benches.





splash pad at Harvey Curry ParkEverykids Splash Pad at Harvey Curry Park

The splash pad at Everykids Park was completely replaced in 2020 with features that meet the latest safety and accessibility standards, appropriate for all ages and abilities.

The pad includes 14 above-ground features including an explorer dome, 13 ground sprays, two puddles, as well as shade areas and seating. The main feature is the “Lady Bug Soaker”. The new pad features toddler, child and youth zones.