Community Garden & OrchardAre you looking for a plot of land to grow produce this summer? Check out Orangeville's Community Garden and Orchard located at 30 Centre Street at the Edelbrock Centre. The growing season is open from the first Saturday in April to the last Saturday in October.

Apply for a garden plot

Contact us if you would like a garden plot at the Orangeville Community Garden. It costs $20 annually for a garden plot and $10 for an accessible plot with raised garden beds.

We will contact you by email or phone to let you know if we have a plot available. If a plot is not available, you will be added to our garden's waitlist.

Plots not planted by June 15 will be given to someone on the waitlist.

What can I grow?

You can plant a variety of produce and floral plants in your community garden plot. The following plants are prohibited:

  • illegal plants
  • poisonous plants
  • plants that cause excessive shading
  • invasive plants that may spread to other plots

Tall crops, such as corn, should be avoided because they may cause shading for other plots.

Maintaining your plot

You will need to follow these maintenance guidelines for your garden plot:

  • ensure that you tend to your plot throughout the season
  • you should weed your plot regularly
  • you must keep all adjacent paths clear and weeded
  • clean out your plot at the end of the season and place debris in the compost bin

If a garden is neglected for two weeks, the gardener will be given notice. If the garden is not taken care of by the end of the third week, the community gardener agreement will become null and void.

Gardening guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when using the community garden:

  • be respectful of other gardeners, the environment and the neighbourhood
  • do not pick flowers or vegetables from other garden plots
  • pets are not allowed in the garden area
  • smoking and chewing tobacco is not allowed and can be toxic to plants
  • please conserve water

For your safety, we recommend visiting the community garden during the daytime and avoid gardening on your own.

What should I bring

You will need to bring the following items to begin and maintain your garden:

  • seeds and plants to start the garden
  • gardening tools
  • soil amendments
  • enthusiasm and elbow grease

The following items are available at the community gardens:

  • delineated plots
  • ready-to-work soil
  • water
  • compost
  • a composting site

Benefits of gardening

Gardening can help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing packaging and transportation costs. Here are a few health benefits of gardening:

  • it provides fresh and nutritious food for you and your family
  • great form of exercise
  • outdoor activity in the sun and fresh air