In the Town of Orangeville, we offer a variety of cycling routes and trails to help you get around. Cycling is a great way to stay active and have fun with your friends and family. Try cycling downtown and always follow cycling safety.

Cycling map

View our cycling map to find a complete list of cycling routes and trails in the Town of Orangeville. The map also highlights the following features:

  • bicycle racks 
  • repair shops
  • schools

Is there a location in need of a Bicycle Rack?  Let us know through the online form.

 Bicycle Rack Request Form

Bike safety

Make sure that you follow bicycle safety tips whenever you go out for a ride. Review our Cycling Orangeville Brochure for cycling tips and checklists and learn how to stay safe and share the road.

Tips for cyclists

Here are some tips for cyclists to follow in order to ride safely:

  • always wear a helmet
  • ride in the same direction as traffic
  • ride in a straight line and don't weave
  • signal when you want to turn or pass
  • ride in single file when riding in a group
  • be a courteous rider
  • make eye contact with drivers at intersections

If you are cycling at night, you should always:

  • wear reflectors
  • wear bright colours
  • use front and rear lights on your bike

Tips for drivers

As a driver, you need to respect that cyclists have the right to share the road. Here are some tips to help you share the road:

  • if a lane is too narrow to safely share, cyclists are entitled to the whole travel lane
  • give cyclists enough room for their safety
  • avoid honking because it might startle cyclists, causing them to swerve
  • leave lots of space when passing cyclists
  • signal all turns and lane changes

Trail riding tips

Here are some safety tips when you are cycling on a cycling or multi-use trail:

  • ring a bell to announce that you are passing someone
  • show courtesy and respect to other trail users
  • yield to slower users
  • obey the rules of the trail
  • yield to traffic at the place where the trail crosses the road
  • ride on the right side of the trail

Bike safety checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that your bike is safe to ride:

  • try bouncing on your bike and make sure there are no rattles or loose bolts
  • brakes are easy to pull and stop the bike
  • chain moves freely and switches gears
  • tires are properly inflated

Cycling and Trails Master Plan

The Cycling and Trails Master Plan outlines how the Town of Orangeville is planning to develop cycling infrastructure, such as trails, bicycle lanes, paths and more.