Celebrate the history of the Town of Orangeville, through our awareness plaque program. Historic plaques help increase the visibility of historic architecture and features within the community. If you own a building that was built before 1920, you can apply for an awareness plaque.


You may submit your application online, or print and mail to the Heritage Orangeville Committee, located at 87 Broadway.

Awareness Plaque Program Application

Please include the following information with your application:

  • contact information
  • address
  • photographs of the building (front and side)
  • relevant land transfer details
  • tax records for two to three years
  • historic photos (if available)
  • census information
  • obituary information (if available)


It costs $100 to apply for an awareness plaque on your property.

Eligibility and program details

In order to apply for the awareness plaque program, the building must have been constructed before 1920. Please note, Heritage Orangeville can decline an application if the building has been altered in a way that diminishes the historic significance.

An awareness plaque is not the same as a designated heritage property and there are no conservation benefits, or regulations associated with the program. Instead, the plaque is a celebration of our history.