The Town of Orangeville is in the process of developing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan. This will help increase Orangeville's capacity to cope with the risks of climate change. The plan will outline how the Town will adapt its assets, operations and services to climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation Policy

The Climate Change Adaptation Policy guides the Town's commitment to climate change adaptation by establishing goals and creating a plan of action to achieve the goals. Review the policy to learn about our approach to climate adaptation.

Five milestone framework

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Canada leads municipalities through the development and implementation of local climate change adaptation plans. The Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities (BARC) provides a milestone framework for developing the Climate Change Adaptation Plan:

  • Milestone 1 – Initiate action
  • Milestone 2 – Research impacts and risks
  • Milestone 3 – Develop adaptation plan
  • Milestone 4 – Implement plan
  • Milestone 5 – Monitor and review

Project timeline

The Town of Orangeville will use the following timeline to develop the Climate Change Adaptation Plan:

  • spring 2019 – build internal climate action team
  • summer 2019 – approval of Climate Change Adaptation Policy
  • fall 2019 to spring 2020 – vulnerability and risk assessments
  • summer 2020 to fall 2020 – adaptation planning
  • approved in 2021 - Climate Change Adaptation Plan