In the Town of Orangeville, it is mandatory for all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers to have a water meter. A water meter is a device which measures the amount of water supplied to your home.

Water Meter Upgrade Program

This year, all water meters in the Town of Orangeville will be upgraded to meters with new, more advanced technology that will provide numerous benefits to the community as well as help with the Town’s goal of Water Meter Conservation. Through these upgrades, we will be able to continue providing the high-level delivery we have been known for. The project will be carried out by Neptune Technology Group Canada.

Why are we doing this?

  • Many of our current water meters have performed well beyond their expected lifespan – upgrading now ensures there is no decline in metering performance in Orangeville.
  • Water is precious and water loss is serious – the technology in our new meters will help assist in water conservation.
  • The new meters will improve leak-detection, helping address it sooner.

Once the installations are complete and everything has been integrated into the reporting system, residents will have access to an online portal with real-time water usage data and the option to set up customized water alerts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the meter cost be charged to individuals?
These meters are 100% funded through water rates. No property taxes are going into this problem and individuals will not be charged for the new meters.
Will I be billed less with the new meters?
The new meters will not impact your billed amount, but it will change your bill days. Currently, billed days can vary due to water meters being manually checked by someone walking around town. One month you may see a bill for 21 days, the next for 38. The new meters will be read remotely, with regular updates sent to the Town, so billed dates will be consistent.
When will installations begin?
In June, a small area of Town – including approximately 400-500 meters – will be chosen as a ‘proof of concept’ area where the new meters will be installed and tested. Once the meters are successfully integrated and functional, full deployment will begin.
Is there anything I need to do for the installation?

Book your appointment - Letters will be sent out notifying residents when installations are set to begin in their zone and provide instructions on how to book an appointment.

Remove any items blocking your meter so the technician has open access to it - This could include things like fridges, water softeners, or any other objects that obstruct access to the existing water meter in your basement. These things will need to be removed prior to your technician arriving for installation. If the installation is unable to be completed due to objects in the way, a new appointment will need to be booked.

A responsible adult be present for the duration of the installation - Installers will need access to your home to complete the upgrade. Because of this, an adult of 18-years of age or older must be home throughout the duration of the installation. 

 How will I know the installer is legitimate?
Along with arriving at your previously booked appointment time, all Neptune staff will have identifiable logos on their clothing, identification on their vehicle, and an ID badge with their name and number. Residents who have any concerns will be able to contact the Town of Orangeville and confirm the installer is working for Neptune. 


Water meters explained

A water meter measures the volume of water that goes into your home in cubic metres (1 cubic metre = m3 = 1,000 litres). It cannot distinguish how the water is used. As an example, if you have a leak, the meter records the water in the same way that it would if you were washing dishes, washing clothes or watering your plants.

Water meters have an outside reading device called a touchpad. The touchpad enables staff to read and record the amount of water used without entering the house. It is important that the touchpad be accessible at all times, especially during winter months, for regular reading.

The water meter should never be enclosed or covered by building materials or obstructed in any way.

Where to find the meter

Most water meters are in the basement. If you don't have a basement, look for your water meter in a crawlspace or on the main floor. Homeowners must always provide clear and unobstructed access to the water meter as per the Town of Orangeville Water and Wastewater Rates By-law.

All homes and businesses have a water shut-off valve which enables you to shut off your water supply in the event of an emergency leak. The internal shut-off valve is typically located in the basement or crawl space area. Look for it near your hot water heater, water softener or furnace. The shut-off valve must always be kept easily accessible.

The Town of Orangeville owns the water meter and is responsible for any maintenance. The property owner owns all other piping and plumbing inside the home or building out to the property line. The property owner must maintain household pipes to protect the water meter from issues like freezing. Property owners are not permitted to tamper with the water meter.