The Town of Orangeville offers a variety of programs suitable for a variety of ages and interests.  Check-out our programs and sign up for a session.  Our recreation passes make it easy and convenient to register for classes.    

Check out the Orangeville and District Seniors Centre for more social and recreational activities available in Orangeville for older adults.

MOSSA Fitness coming this Fall 2022!



Our goal is simple. We need to get people moving, moving beyond the limited movement of home and work. Even beyond the movement of steps. With MOSSA Workouts, regardless of age or condition, you’ll become a better mover, be more resilient, and feel better in your body. If you are just starting your movement journey or are an athlete pushing your performance, we will help you get muscle and movement strong, so you can move younger, longer.

MOSSA Fitness classes will be held in the fitness room at Alder Recreation Centre.

Stay active at home with a 14-Day FREE Trial of MOSSA on Demand

Mossa on Demand is a great way to stay active at home.  We want to keep you moving from the safety of your own home. We have partnered with MOSSA on Demand to offer you a FREE 14-day trial to stream some of your favourite MOSSA fitness classes at home.

To take advantage of the FREE 14-day Trial!

Group Centergy®  
Grow longer and stronger with Group Centergy®, an invigorating mind-body workout. It incorporates yoga and Pilates fundamentals with athletic training for strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility. Emotive music drives the experience as you breathe and sweat through this full-body movement journey. REDEFINE YOUR SELF.
Group Power®
Cutting-edge strength training workout designed to get you muscle strong and movement strong. It combines traditional strength training with full-body, innovative exercises using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, body weight, The STEP®, heart-pounding music, and expert coaching. GET MUSCLE & MOVEMENT STRONG! 

Interested in becoming a MOSSA fitness instructor? 

We’re hiring and will train! No experience necessary, just a passion for fitness. Interested in more information email Stefanie at [email protected]













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