The Town of Orangeville offers a host of benefits for business owners and operators looking to start, relocate or expand their operation. Find the relevant information you need to explore the opportunity of doing business in Orangeville.

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Discover our community by reviewing information about our population, housing, labour force, and more.

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Discover our community's key sectors: manufacturing, professional services, creative industries, and tourism.

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Review a listing of all businesses located in Orangeville's industrial zone.

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Find a listing of Orangeville's local tourism businesses, restaurants, and more. 

Doing business in Orangeville

Before you start or expand a business in Orangeville, it is important to understand the requirements for permits, charges, and licenses. Each property and business will have specific processes to follow to ensure compliance with the Town's plans and policies. 

Planning services

Learn about Orangeville's Official Plan, Zoning, Development charges, and more.

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Business licenses

Licenses are required for some businesses to operate in the Town of Orangeville. 

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Community Improvement Plan

Orangeville's CIP encourages private sector investment to  help revitalize and develop our community.

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Building permits

Get the information and permits you need before you start building in Orangeville.

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Tax Rates

View the current and past commercial industrial and property tax rates for the Town of Orangeville.


Find information about local utility providers in the Town of Orangeville.

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