You need a heritage permit to renovate a designated heritage property or a property located within a heritage conservation district in the Town of Orangeville. Review the Heritage Register for a full list of heritage properties.

Apply for a heritage permit

Before you apply, you should contact the Building Division to see if you need to apply for a building permit as well as a heritage permit.

To apply for a heritage permit, please complete the Heritage Permit Application and submit it to Town Hall:

87 Broadway
Orangeville, ON
L9W 1K1

There is no fee to apply for a heritage permit.

Application details

You need to include the following information on your application:

  • property address
  • contact information
  • description of the property including current uses and existing structures
  • description of the proposed work (attach drawings, specifications, photographs and paint chips where necessary)
  • rationale for the work being undertaken
  • authorization and signature

Approval process

We will review the application along with representatives from Heritage Orangeville. After the review is complete, for individually-designated properties, we will prepare a report to Council for consideration and approval. Heritage Permit applications within the Downtown Heritage Conservation District do not require Council approval and are delegated to Planning Division staff, We will contact you once a decision has been made.

Projects requiring a heritage permit

All projects that need a heritage permit are outlined in the Ontario Heritage Act. Typical projects include, but are not limited to:

  • any changes or additions that affect the external appearance
  • new or different cladding materials (wall or roof treatment)
  • masonry cleaning
  • awning and lamp installations
  • changes to architectural decorations, including a change of paint colour
  • any new sign or changes to signage (subject to the requirements of the Town's Sign By-law)
  • new doors

Projects that don't require a heritage permit include:

  • any interior work unless it affects the external appearance
  • repair of broken window panes
  • weatherstripping
  • eavestrough, roof or chimney repair
  • roof repair
  • fence repair
  • installation of storm windows
  • backyard patios, garden and tool sheds, gazebos, dog houses and other small outbuildings
  • planting and removal of vegetation of private property


Properties that are listed as non-designated on the Municipal Heritage Register do not require a heritage permit. However, demolishing or removing any structure or building on a non-designated property may require Town approval. Contact the Planning Division for more information about the approval process for demolishing or removing a structure on a non-designated property.

Owners of properties on the Municipal Heritage Register must provide the municipality with 60 days written notice of intent to demolish or remove any structure or building located on the property. The 60-day period allows staff, Heritage Orangeville and Council to consider the proposed demolition and determine if the property should be designated.