If your new development requires a change to the Zoning By-law, you will need to apply for a minor variance. You must obtain a minor variance before applying for any building permits that do not comply with the Zoning By-law. Review the application and approval process.

Book a pre-consultation

Before submitting a planning application, you need to complete the Pre-consultation Request Form and book a consultation with our staff. We will help guide you through the development process and let you know what forms and documents you need to include in your application.

Minor variance application

In order to apply for a minor variance, you must submit the following documents to the Committee of Adjustment:

  • Minor Variance Application (one original and one copy)
  • applicable fees
  • a drawing of the proposal depicting the lot, location and size of the existing and proposed buildings and other relevant features (two copies)
  • photographs and other relevant applications

If you are using an agent or solicitor, you must submit your written authorization and identify the agent or solicitor.


A minor variance application costs $800. You will also pay an additional $30 if you request to defer the application. Depending on the location of the property, you may need to pay additional fees through Credit Valley Conservation.

Approval process

View our Guide to Minor Variance to learn the approval process for minor variance applications. The application will go through the following approval process, which may take six to eight weeks or longer for complex applications:

  1. Pre-consultation with Town staff
  2. Submit the minor variance application
  3. Town staff review and circulate applications
  4. Circulation of Notice of Hearing and posting public notice sign
  5. Staff report is submitted to the Committee of Adjustment
  6. Committee of Adjustment meeting and decision
  7. Notice of decision
  8. 20-day appeal period