The Town of Orangeville works to keep the roads safe during the winter. Public Works is responsible for winter road maintenance including plowing, snow removal, sanding and salting.

Our Public Works phone lines should be called for emergency calls only. They are unable to answer questions about where snow removal will be occurring each day. 

You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates each morning on which areas our winter operations team are working in for that day. 

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Updates on Snow Response

When the Town of Orangeville experiences a significant weather event, updates on the response efforts will be posted here. 

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Snowplowing and salting roads

Snow is removed from main streets and arterial roads first in order to keep driving and parking lanes clear and safe. Then, residential and side streets will be plowed.

Sanding and salting of roads is typically done with snowplowing when the road conditions become slippery.

Winter parking

Please make sure to follow the winter parking regulations so snowplows can clear municipal roads.

Sidewalk snow removal

We will clear and salt all sidewalks in the Town following the general order of priority:

  • municipal buildings and facilities
  • school and transit routes
  • commercial areas
  • arterial and collector roads
  • curb-faced sidewalks
  • local roads