The Official Plan Review Steering Committee provides input, guidance and recommendations to Council regarding the Official Plan Review (OPR).

Meetings, minutes and agendas

Once committee appointments have been made, view the committee calendar for upcoming meetings and agendas as well as past minutes. The Official Plan Review Steering Committee meets monthly or at the call of the Chair.

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To provide input, guidance and recommendations regarding the Official Plan Review (OPR), based on:
  • good planning principles
  • maintaining harmony with provincial and County planning policy frameworks; and
  • planning objectives of importance to the Town

To engage in public consultation throughout the OPR Process.

 Goals and Objectives

 The Official Plan Review Steering Committee will accomplish its mandate through its involvement in the phasing of the OPR process as follows:

Phase 1 - Amendments and updates to policies not related to growth management or land use permissions:

  • Review draft amendments and background information and provide general guidance and input to Town staff through the completion of the Phase 1 amendment to the Plan
  • Hold meetings, as required, throughout Phase 1 of the OPR to discuss the proposed amendments to the Plan
  • Provide direction to Council with respect to the final amendment proposed for adoption to conclude Phase 1 of the OPR.

Phase 2 - Updates to growth management and allocation framework, including land use designations and use permissions:

  • Provide input and guidance to Town staff and to any consultant retained by the Town, with respect to the advancement and completion of Phase 2 of the OPR.
  • Review and provide input and comment on any draft background report(s), engagement plans and draft amendments to the Official Plan.
  • Hold meetings, as required, to review and discuss: i) amendments proposed to the plan; ii) supporting background information; and iii) comments received through public engagement and agency consultation.
  • Facilitate additional public engagement by hosting public consultation meetings and/or inviting members of the public or stakeholder group representatives to appear before the Steering Committee to provide input on the OPR.
  • Invite Town staff or agency representatives, that have subject matter expertise, to provide advice to the Steering Committee regarding the OPR.
  • Provide direction to Council with respect to the final amendment proposed for adoption to conclude Phase 2 of the OPR.
 Committee Composition and Skills
The Committee shall consist of eleven (11) members comprised of:
  • 2 members of Council*
  • 2 citizens who reside in the Town of Orangeville and have knowledge in planning matters
  • 1 member recommended from each of the following Advisory Committees and interest groups:

Access Orangeville

Committee of Adjustment

Economic Development and Culture

Greater Dufferin Area Homebuilders Association

Heritage Orangeville

Orangeville Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Sustainable Orangeville

*Councillors that serve on any of the Committees or interest groups listed cannot be appointed as the representative of that Committee.

Skills Requested
Members should:

  • be advocates for good planning and the broader public interest; and
  • have a reasonable understanding of land use planning related matters at the Town, County and Provincial levels.
 Terms of Reference
Official Plan Review Steering Committee