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The Town of Orangeville strives to be accountable to taxpayers through open and transparent budget and financial reporting. Your tax dollars go toward providing quality services valued by the Orangeville community.

2024 Budget

Each year, we develop a budget to meet our community needs. The 2024 Budget includes a net tax levy of 4.5 per cent, or $145 annually for the average property owner. 

2024 Budget

Key Capital Projects for 2024

• Continuation of the Trail Development Plan

• Rotary Park upgrades (incl. play structure)

• Reconstruction of:

o Victoria Street

o Ontario Street

o Cardwell Street

• Phase 1 Mill Creek Stabilization

• Water Meter and Billing Upgrade

• Well Treatment - GUDI Upgrade

• Digester Number 2 Refurbishment

• Clarifier 3 Centre Unit

2024 Capital Project Deferrals

Some deferrals were made across the 10-year Capital Plan, which generated over $43M in cost reductions. These deferrals were deemed necessary by staff given the fiscal circumstances of the municipality. These projects would be returned to the 10-year Capital Plan when a long-term sustainable financial plan is in-place. Some of the notable deferrals are noted below:

• SCADA System Upgrades

• Watermain Rehabilitation Program

• Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program

• Road Resurfacing Program Enhancements

• Operations Centre 3-Bay Expansion

• Alder Library Expansion

• Rotary Park Redevelopment

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Financial reports

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