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Tourism Strategy and Action Plan

In May 2020, the Town of Orangeville initiated the process of developing a five-year Tourism Strategy & Action Plan, which will incorporate COVID-19 recovery measures, as a way to determine important next steps for the community’s short- and long-term economic development. Bannikin Travel & Tourism has now completed the community input and engagement process and is starting work on the strategy development.

Thank you to those residents, business owners, and community members who provided such valuable and insightful input into the future of tourism in the region, especially as we all try to navigate the hardships brought about by Covid-19. 

Summary of initial feedback: 
  • Arts & culture must be a core tenet of the Tourism Strategy; this is an important part of the community, from the Theatre to festivals and events to day-to-day life.
  • Details from the Parks and Recreation Master Plan should be considered, specifically the idea for a Town Plaza.
  • There are differing opinions about re-purposing the railway tracks with the disbandment of the Credit Valley Explorer; some are hoping for the return of such an attraction while others see potential in making it a walking/cycling trail.
  • Local transportation, such as a shuttle service, may be a solution for opening up the downtown more to pedestrians and limiting traffic.
  • Decisions regarding street closures must consider Downtown area businesses/retailer needs and capacities. Business owners need to work together in order for this to be an effective solution.
  • Activities for families and year-round options should be considered.
  • The small-town charm, complemented by the Town’s historic buildings, is an important piece of Orangeville's identity and should be maintained.
  • There are a plethora of exciting events through which the Town can attract & engage visitors; some suggest that more residents need to support these events as well.
  • A shortage in accommodation option is a barrier; new options are expected to become available in the future.
  • Awareness, or lack thereof, of what the town and surrounding area has to offer is another barrier.
  • Assets through the broader Dufferin County will be important to developing Orangeville's tourism story.
  • The Visitor Centre plays an important role in engaging visitors; perhaps there are considerations to be made (ie. signage) to take this to the next level.
  • We must consider ways to make positive impact without impacting tax levy.

Bannikin Travel & Tourism is now using all of the information collected to develop the strategy and action plan. Further updates will be posted here or contact us with questions.

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