Orangeville Bee City DesignationBees are important pollinators and impact the sustainability of many food sources now and into the future. In the Town of Orangeville, we are committed to protecting the bee population and providing an environment that allows bee populations to grow and flourish.

Bee City Canada recognition

Orangeville is the 37th Canadian municipality to achieve the Bee City Canada designation. Bee City Canada recognizes the steps that Orangeville has taken to increase pollinators in our community.

The Town has pledged to refrain from pesticide use whenever possible, plant native species, increase naturalization and add additional pollinator garden beds throughout the community.

Loss of bee habitats

Bees and pollinators around the globe have experienced dramatic declines due to:

  • land fragmentation
  • habitat loss
  • use of pesticides
  • industrialized agriculture
  • climate change
  • spread of pests and diseases