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Genuine small-town charm

A visit to Orangeville is infused with the welcoming spirit of those who call this town home. We look forward to sharing it with you.

See and Do

Fall in love with Orangeville

There is no shortage of scenic views in and around Orangeville and so many ways to get out there and enjoy them all. Our diverse collection of sights and sounds ensures every experience is one to remember. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect this fall. We can’t wait to show you more.

What's happening

A well-timed visit that includes one of our local events is one great way to truly experience our community. Here is what’s on in Orangeville.

Take a tour

Over 70 pieces of public art are on display throughout Orangeville. Find them all using our digital guide or download our free app for a more interactive experience. For a more direct route, one of our self-guided tours can help lead the way. Get started by checking out some must-see locations below.

Map of Orangeville
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Tree sculpture of owls with blue sky in background

Nature’s Unity

Weighing approximately 3,000 pounds, the sculpture is carved out of an old elm tree. Nature’s Unity is a collection of spiritually and environmentally significant animals brought to life in a hierarchy as they tell the story of Canada and its natural beauty.

Tree sculpture of a dog

Tribute to Dogs

This pet-friendly area features two tree sculptures. One is a tribute to the Black Labrador and Sheltie owned by the residents of 65 Zina Street. Not to be outdone by their canine friends, three cats are perched across the street in a sculpture by the same artist.

Tree sculpture of two musicians

The Musicians

The Musicians is one of the largest tree sculptures in Orangeville's collection. It was unveiled in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival in 2012. Its prominent location shares space with the festival’s main stage each June.

Tree sculpture of racoon

Woodland Creatures

Woodland Creatures was designed by the Thompsons, a family that has lived in the area for seven generations. The sculpture is dedicated to Eileen and Norman Thompson and was created to demonstrate their love for nature and animals.

Sculpture of a soldier and two children

Bravery Park

Bravery Park features several installations, each offering a unique way to honour our country’s soldiers and veterans. The park’s centrepiece is a bronze statue of a Canadian soldier kneeling before two Afghan children who are presenting him with a butterfly. The statue is mounted in the centre of a depiction of the Victoria Cross.

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