A light-haired woman is wearing a blue shirt. She is smiling while holding pottery. In the background there are shelves filled with colourful pottery and unique artwork.

Genuine small-town charm

A visit to Orangeville is infused with the welcoming spirit of those who call this town home. We look forward to sharing it with you.

See and Do

Reasons to love Orangeville

In our vibrant community, you’ll find historic streetscapes and lush landscapes that set the scene for first-rate culinary offerings and delightful displays of creativity. Our diverse collection of sights, sounds and tastes ensure every experience is one to remember. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect. We can’t wait to show you more.

What's happening

A well-timed visit that includes one of our local events is one great way to truly experience our community. Here is what’s on in Orangeville.

Take a stroll in the snowflakes

This winter, we invite you to follow the Snowflake Stroll scavenger hunt. Solve clues and explore our public art collection while you explore downtown Orangeville. Start by downloading Driftscape, a free mobile app. Then search for the "snowflake stroll" tour to begin. Find full details here.

Map of Orangeville
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Start the Snowflake Stroll here

The Snowflake Stroll starts in downtown Orangeville at Town Hall (87 Broadway). When you arrive, answer the clue to discover your next destination. Answer all ten questions correctly to complete the scavenger hunt. Get started here.

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