Orangeville Community Improvement Plan Update

A new Community Improvement Plan (CIP) has been adopted by Council and as select components are  implemented in 2023, the plan will enable the Town to offer financial incentive programs that encourage property owners to improve the use and appearance of their lands and buildings in select Community Improvement areas. The incentives outlined within the document will aim to help offset costs related to site improvement, redevelopment, reuse, and/or rehabilitation, as well as brownfield remediation.

Background: A CIP is a tool that municipalities use to stimulate private sector investment to help achieve its broad community improvement and revitalization goals and objectives. When adopted, a CIP can provide grants, loans and other programs to encourage development and renovation projects that will help to improve areas within the community.

Private property owners and businesses can take advantage of the financial incentive programs contained in CIPs to achieve a range of community improvement goals such as improving property façades and redeveloping property. 

The Town has an existing CIP that applies to the downtown area which was approved in 1990 and will be replaced by a new and expanded CIP as part of this exercise.

Town of Orangeville Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

Sierra Planning & Management, in association with MHBC, has been retained by the Town of Orangeville to prepare a new Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to facilitate and encourage economic growth, sustainable development, and enhancement of underutilized areas.  Through collaboration, the CIP will provide evidence-based guidance on the most effective ways to stimulate economic development across a variety of sectors.

The CIP development process will also include Design Guidelines that will set the design objectives for public infrastructure and facility improvement projects and to assist the Town in evaluating private improvement and development projects eligible for the incentive programs identified in the CIP.

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What is a Community Improvement Plan (CIP)?

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool available to municipalities under Section 28 of the Planning Act.  CIPs are vehicles for facilitating revitalization and redevelopment efforts in a defined area(s). To carry out CIPs, municipalities can establish grants, loans, and other programs to encourage private sector investment in development and renovation projects which seek to improve areas in accordance with local goals and priorities.