You are required to get a building permit before you begin a new construction or renovation project on your property.

Permit application

Complete the Building Permit Application and submit it to Town Hall at 87 Broadway or by email.

If you are not the owner of the property, you will need to submit a Letter of Authorization along with the permit application.


Building Permit fees are calculated using our User Rates and Fees By-law. Additional fees may apply depending on the type, size and use of the building. For example, the following items have an extra fee:

  • grading damage deposits
  • water meters
  • development charges
  • site plan securities

Projects that require a building permit

According to the Building Code Act, a building permit is required for the construction or installation of a new structure or the construction of an addition or alteration of any structure. The following projects require a building permit:

  • new structures (residential, commercial, industrial and institutional)
  • accessory buildings (larger than 15 square metres)
  • any addition to a structure, regardless of the size of the addition
  • interior alterations to create new rooms in a basement/attic or converting a garage to living space
  • any structural changes including interior partitions
  • adding structural features such as decks, balconies, canopies, etc.
  • repairs or renovations
  • a new entrance or new window opening
  • adding new dormers
  • raising the house to provide a full basement or first storey or to excavate the basement to provide a full basement
  • enclosing a porch/roof or sundeck
  • constructing a retaining wall larger than 3 feet and 3 inches of exposed height
  • installing a pool or hot tub
  • installing a fireplace or woodstove
  • interior alterations to non-residential units
  • any installation or alteration of a plumbing system
  • replacing a sewer line/water service line
  • converting from a septic system to Town sewer or water
  • change of use