Heritage Orangeville advises Council on the designation of historically, architecturally and culturally significant properties in the Town of Orangeville as outlined in the Ontario Heritage Act. This includes, but is not limited to:

Meetings, minutes and agendas

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Committee composition

Heritage Orangeville consists of up to seven members, including:


Preference may be given to candidates who demonstrate an interest in heritage preservation, both generally and within the context of the Town of Orangeville. They should also have a special interest or knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • conducting research with respect to heritage and historical matters
  • architecture and urban design
  • restoration, conservation, construction practices related to heritage resources
  • local history, genealogy
  • historical public outreach and education
  • planning, land development and geography

About Heritage Orangeville

Learn about the goals, objectives and mandate of Heritage Orangeville.

Goals and objectives

Heritage Orangeville will accomplish its mandate by:

  • fulfilling its statutory role pursuant to section 28 of the Ontario Heritage Act to assist and advise Council
  • researching, evaluating and identifying properties and areas that may deserve protection by maintaining an inventory of listed properties of cultural heritage value or interest
  • providing advice with respect to development applications, demolition applications and capital projects as appropriate, with respect to their potential for direct or indirect impacts on the Town's heritage features and attributes
  • providing advice and recommendations as to how the conservation of heritage features may be achieved through the adoption and implementation of Official Plan policies pursuant of the Planning Act
  • providing advice and recommendations with respect to Town policies, regulations and guidelines as appropriate, pertaining to recognition, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage resources
  • conducting community recognition programs for architectural preservation through commemorative initiatives such as plaquing, awards for restoration and sympathetic infill development
  • conducting education programs and initiatives for property owners with respect to appropriate conservation, maintenance and restoration practices, including the making of sympathetic improvements to enhance the Town's heritage character and vibrancy
  • conducting community engagement and awareness programs for Orangeville's heritage through publications, events, public speaking, displays, signage and plaques
  • monitoring and providing advice with respect to federal and provincial government directives and funding initiatives on heritage-related matters
  • liaising between the Town of Orangeville and the Dufferin County Museum and Archives and other heritage organizations, as desirable to implement the objectives and mandate of Heritage Orangeville


Heritage Orangeville provides advice and recommendations to Council on:

  • matters relating to the identification or designation of properties of cultural heritage value or interest as well as the designation of heritage conservation districts pursuant the Ontario Heritage Act
  • promoting awareness, education, stewardship and conservation of Orangeville's heritage
  • establishing partnerships with heritage groups and organizations
  • promoting excellence and recognition in the heritage community