Find out how to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful without using pesticides that harm the environment. In the Town of Orangeville, we encourage the use of natural and sustainable lawn care techniques.

Banned pesticides

The Pesticides Act regulates the use and sale of certain pesticides in the Province of Ontario. Before you add pesticides to your lawn, make sure you have the appropriate pesticide licence and understand the environmental and health impacts.

Natural lawn care tips

A healthy lawn doesn't need pesticides. Here are a few steps you can take to keep your lawn healthy:

  • enrich the soil with compost
  • spread grass seed in the spring and fall
  • cut grass so it is no less than 6 cm to 8 cm in length to develop a deep root system that will retain water and crowd out weeds
  • leave grass clippings on the lawn because they are a great source of nitrogen
  • only water your lawn during the morning and limit water to 2.5 cm per week
  • aerate your lawn so that water and nutrients can reach the roots and create a healthier lawn

Discover more ways to keep your lawn healthy through the Government of Canada's Healthy Lawns.