The Town of Orangeville issues a wide variety of licences and permits. Whether you are looking to get married, order a birth or death certificate, build or renovate your home, apply for a dog licence, or start a new business, we can help.

Awareness plaques

Awareness plaques celebrate the architectural heritage of Orangeville. If you own a historic property, you may qualify for an awareness plaque. Learn how to apply.

Building permit

Whether you are starting a new renovation or building project, you will need a building permit. This includes pool and hot tub permits and septic system permits.

Burn permits

You need a burn permit in order to have an outdoor fire in Orangeville. Review the permit requirements and application process.

Business licences and permits

You are required to get a licence or permit in order to own or operate certain businesses in Orangeville. Some business permits include restaurants, food trucks, taxi and limousine licences and more. View our business licences to ensure that your business meets the requirements.

Dog licences

All dog owners are required to get an annual dog licence. Learn how to apply for a new dog licence or renewal.


You need a Fireworks Licence in order to sell or discharge fireworks in the Town of Orangeville. Review the guidelines for selling fireworks and help keep our community safe.

Insurance Claims

To submit a claim review the information on Insurance Claims.

Lottery licences

The Town of Orangeville issues lottery licences to charitable and religious organizations for raffles, bingo and lottery style events. Review the rules and guidelines and learn how to apply for a lottery licence.

Marriage licences

The Town of Orangeville issues marriage licences. Before you get married, you need to get a marriage licence

Pianos on public property

You can install a piano on public property for public use. Learn how to apply for the program.

Planning applications

Are you developing or looking to develop a plot of land in the Town of Orangeville? Review the planning application process including the forms, fees and guidelines for all planning applications.

Road permits and applications

We issue a variety of road permits and applications including road occupancy permits, topsoil removal permits and curb widening permits.

Sign permits

You need a sign permit in order to erect a new sign in the Town of Orangeville. Review the sign permit guidelines and learn how to apply for a permit.

Source water protection application and guidelines

Help us protect our water source. If you are undertaking a new development, you need to ensure that your proposal follows the water protection guidelines. Review the source water protection applications and guidelines.