The Rzone Policy promotes respect and responsibility in all Town facilities and properties for all members of the public and staff. Review the policy and help us build a respectful, positive, safe and supportive environment in our community.

Reporting procedures

View the Rzone Policy for full details about the steps and procedures you should take if you need to report an incident that includes one of the inappropriate behaviours outlined in the policy.

Inappropriate behaviours in the policy

Inappropriate behaviour or actions identified in the policy, include but are not limited to, the following behaviours:

  • aggressive or intimidating approaches to another individual (verbal assault)
  • threats
  • attempts to goad or incite anger in others
  • throwing articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner
  • physical striking of another individual
  • theft of property
  • possession of weapons
  • illegal consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • contravention of Town by-laws, policies or procedures

What is the Rzone?

The Rzone policy identifies a code of conduct, which applies to all Town of Orangeville programs, buildings, facilities, parks, trails and written and verbal communications. The Rzone procedure enforces a set of expectations around violence, vandalism and inappropriate behaviour.