The Town of Orangeville's Code of Conduct supports the principles of a transparent and accountable government and helps ensure members of Council, local boards, and committees share a common integrity base and understanding of acceptable conduct extending beyond the legislative provisions governing their conduct.


The purpose and intent of the Code of Conduct is to establish general standards of conduct to supplement the legislative parameters within which the members must operate. These standards should serve to enhance public confidence that the Town's elected and appointed representatives operate from a base of integrity, justice and courtesy.

The code does not replace members' roles, responsibilities, actions and behaviours required by various statutes, by-laws and policies.


The Code of Conduct applies to all members of Council, local boards and committees in the individual conduct of their official duties.


Review the Code of Conduct for complete details about the policy. The Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviours:

  • general standards of conduct
  • responsibilities of Council, local board and committee members
  • respect for decision-making processes
  • receiving gifts and benefits
  • handling confidential information
  • use of Town property, services and other resources
  • election campaign work
  • conduct at Council meetings
  • business relations
  • conduct with staff
  • respect for others


The Complaint Protocol outlines the procedures for dealing with a complaint made under the Code of Conduct for Council, Local Boards and Committees


Integrity Commissioner File 2017-01

Integrity Commissioner File 2017-02

Integrity Commissioner File 2017-03

Integrity Commissioner File 2021-01

Integrity Commissioner File 2021-02

Integrity Commissioner Report - Dated 2022-04-18

Integrity Commissioner Report - Dated 2023-01-09


Code of Conduct Complaint Form (PDF)