The Town of Orangeville works to ensure that we provide clean and safe drinking water to our community. View our water quality reports, learn about our source water protection and find out how our drinking water system operates.

Quality management systems

The drinking water Quality Management System ensures that we provide clean, safe and reliable drinking water in the Town of Orangeville. This includes the planning, implementation and improvement of the Operational Plan and drinking water system.

Through our Quality Management System Policy, we commit to:

  • providing safe drinking water
  • continual improvement
  • following applicable legislation and regulations

Water supply wells

There are 12 wells that provide water to the Town of Orangeville. The wells are connected to underground sources of water called aquifers. The wells are between 17 and 61 metres deep and they are at nine different locations in and around Orangeville. The wells can pump a maximum of about 15 million litres per day into the Town's water system.

How they work

The wells are equipped with submersible pumps that take water from the underground aquifers and transfer it to nearby water treatment facilities. Some of the wells are equipped with emergency power supplies so the water can be pumped during power outages. The wells provide Orangeville with a safe and reliable source of water.

Water treatment

The Town uses chlorination, ultraviolet light and filtration to treat the water and make it safe for use. The type of treatment varies by well. Chlorine is used in the distribution system to make sure the water remains safe after it leaves the water treatment facilities.

How it works

Filtration is used to remove any particles in the water. Some of the filters have openings as small as 5/1000 of a millimetre. Ultraviolet light and chlorination are used to inactivate any viruses or other harmful micro-organisms that may be present.

Water storage reservoirs

There are four water storage reservoirs with a total capacity of 15.9 million litres in the Town of Orangeville's water system. This includes two elevated storage tanks and two grade-level reservoirs with pumps.

How they work

Well pumps and treatment facilities are controlled by water storage levels inside the reservoirs. When the water level drops, water is pumped from the wells, through the treatment facilities, and into the distribution system. Any surplus water is stored in the reservoirs. Once the reservoirs are full, the well pumps automatically turn off.