Explore the completed planning studies. These studies have helped inform the growth and development strategies in the Town of Orangeville.

Development Charges Background Study

The Development Background Study provides a cost analysis for a variety of municipal services in order to set development charge fees for all new developments. This study was conducted in 2014 by Watson and Associates Economists Ltd. View our development charges to learn more about the current fees.

Downtown Orangeville Parking Study

The Downtown Orangeville Parking Study provides a comprehensive review of parking in downtown Orangeville, including:

  • estimates of current parking supply and demand
  • an assessment for the need of additional parking
  • recommendations for how to improve parking conditions

Review the following accompanying documents:

Housing Needs Analysis

The Housing Needs Analysis provides an overview of the demographics and current housing situation in order to identify housing gaps and future needs. This includes an analysis of rental housing, senior housing, social housing and housing ownership.

Land Needs Assessments

The Land Needs Assessment identifies the land needs of the Town of Orangeville as part of the Official Plan Review. The assessment examines:

  • future demand for commercial space
  • benefits of commercial development relative to employment development
  • economic recommendations of the types of employment uses for the vacant employment corridors
  • economic impact of the current designation and re-designation of the Humber Lands

Review past land needs assessments: