The Town of Orangeville welcomes film production in our community and offers support at every step of the process. Our affordable and accessible destination provides a variety of locations and resources, suitable for a wide range of projectsWe invite you to consider our historic streetscapes, natural features, and creative infrastructure for your production. 

Why film in Orangeville 

An aerial of Orangeville's historic Town Hall and main street
Viable location 

Located just 45 minutes north of the GTA, Orangeville is an accessible destination for your film project. Small-town charm is accompanied by big city amenities, all within a short distance to larger markets and resources. Projects filmed in Orangeville may also qualify for a Regional Bonus as part of the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit.

Unique sites 

Orangeville is home to an impressive selection of historic features and buildings. An award-winning main street is lined with well-preserved heritage buildings, including an Italianate Town Hall circa 1875 and a recently renovated Carnegie library. Beyond our picturesque downtown, historic homes, churches, and buildings can be found on tree-lined streets and our parks offer wide-open spaces and natural settings. 

Accessible amenities 

In and around Orangeville, there is a diverse selection of accommodations, food purveyors, and professional services to support your project. Facilities, meeting rooms, and parking spaces are also available to accommodate various requirements.

How to film in Orangeville 

A Film Production Permit may be required for projects filmed on municipal properties, including our downtown area, recreation facilities, parks, and streets 

A film production permit is not required for:  

  • photography, filming and videography related to current affairs and newscasts, weddings, sports teams, and family photos 
  • a film production on private property unless special effect pyrotechnics, special effects or fireworks are being used 

All requirements and details for the Film Production Permit are outlined in the Town of Orangeville's Parks, Special Events and Film Production By-Law. Please review before submitting your application and specifically refer to Section 15 and Schedules C and D for information about filming. 

Currently, there is no fee associated with a Film Production Permit.  

How to apply for a Film Production Permit 

Step 1: Submit a Film Production Permit application  

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Provide details about your project to determine the availability of locations and confirm the requirements for your film production. The online application will initiate support from the Town’s Economic Development and Culture office and help guide you through the process. This will include a check list of the documents, permits, plans, and information required to proceed with your project.  


Step 2: Submit an approved plan and required documents to receive a Film Production Permit 

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When all details are confirmed and approved by the Town, submit the final documents no later than 15 business days prior to the filming activity. 

Required documents 

  • A site plan that includes:
    • Map(s) of all film production locations 
    • Dates and hours of film production at each location 
    • Parking requirements for production vehicles and the number of production vehicles 
    • Reserved parking spaces necessitated by film production plans 
    • The use and location of generator(s)  
    • The use of lighting
    • Particulars regarding the use of sidewalk(s)
    • Parking restrictions
    • Temporary highway closures or intermittent traffic stoppages (see below for additional requirements)
    • The use of special effect pyrotechnics (see below for additional requirements)
    • Description of any remotely piloted aircraft activity and flight plan (see below for additional requirements) 
  • Ainsurance certificate indicating:

    • Description of coverage detailing Commercial General Liability and coverage for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury of not less than $2,000,000/occurrence with an aggregate of not less than $4,000,000

    • "The Corporation of the Town of Orangeville, 87 Broadway, Orangeville Ontario, L9W 1K1" named as an Additional Insured 

Additional documents (if applicable)

  • A copy of Facility Permit(s), where the film production is taking place in a park, downtown area, public space, or using Town facilities (details available online)
  • A security plan, where the applicant has identified risk factors that support the need for enhanced security
  • Verification of the services of a paid duty police officer and/or Fire Division staff, retained at the applicant’s expense, to supervise or assist with
    • Intermittent traffic stoppages or temporary highway closures
    • Detonation of special effect pyrotechnics
    • The appearance of police uniforms, mock police vehicles, prop guns, crossbows, bombs or other weapons
    • The use of special effects
    • Any dangerous situation identified by the Town of Orangeville 
  • Where special effect pyrotechnics are to be used: 

    • A copy of special effect pyrotechnics certificate for the pyrotechnician who will be supervising the operation or use of special effect pyrotechnics 

    • A copy of the pyrotechnic event plan that includes the following:

    • the name of the pyrotechnician in charge and the number and expiry date of their fireworks operator certificate

    • a description of the size of the event, including the placement of the special effect pyrotechnics, the proximity of the audience and the location of every exit, every storage area for the pyrotechnics and every smoke detector that may be triggered by the pyrotechnics used in the event 

    • the type and product name of each special effect pyrotechnic that will be used and name of the person who obtained its authorization 

    • a description of each special effect pyrotechnic 

    • the anticipated height, duration, and fallout effect of the effects of each special effect pyrotechnic 

    • a description of the anticipated effects of each special purpose pyrotechnic; the method and sequence of firing the special effect pyrotechnics 

    • an assessment of the likelihood of harm to people or property resulting from the use of the special effect pyrotechnics 

  • Where a remotely piloted aircraft is to be operated, a copy of the following, issued by Transport Canada:

    • valid drone pilot certificate

    • remotely piloted aircraft systems Certificate - Advanced Operations

    • registration of the remotely piloted aircraft issued by Transport Canada 

  • Proof of notification in the approved format to landowner(s) within a sixty (60) metre radius of the film production to be provided a minimum of three (3) days in advance of the proposed film production 

  • Acknowledgement that the Film Production Permit holder shall make every effort to provide the Town with: 

    • a screen credit on the final and published production 

    • stills or clips of the film production to the Town for its use in marketing and promotion of the community 

    • testimonials and comments about their experience of film production in the Town and permission to include such testimonials and comments for the Town's own use 

    • copies of media releases, casting calls or public notices or advertisements related to the film production. 

Step 3: Film according to the approved plan 

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With an approved plan in place and a Film Production Permit issued, you are ready to film in Orangeville. If any changes are required to the approved film production plan, please notify the Town of Orangeville’s Economic Development and Culture office as soon as possible for review and confirmation.

While filming in our community, we encourage you to make every effort to patronize local businesses and services for casual employment of cast and crew, food catering, and accommodations.