A bus at a bus stop with a rider.

Transit is becoming more accessible – and affordable – for residents with the removal of the financial barrier for those who need it and can benefit from it the most.

In January 2023, a two-year pilot program was launched, acting as a feasibility study to determine whether fare-free transit will better serve the Town.

Ridership Update - August 2023

On August 14, 2023, Town Staff presented a report to Orangeville Council on the program so far, which included a report on ridership numbers. Since the launch of the program, ridership has grown consistently over previous years. 

Here are some of the numbers from the 2nd Quarter (April to June):

April                         May                         June                             
2022 - 6,705            2022 - 7,200           2022 - 8,259
2023 - 15,674          2023 - 19,844         2023 - 20,131

What are the benefits of a fare-free transit model?

• Increases access to employment opportunities for more residents who do not have reliable transportation.
• Removes financial barriers for those who can benefit the most.
• Encourages more residents to utilize transit, decreasing the number of vehicles on the road.
• Assists in creating a more environmentally sustainable future by providing more transit options to meet the needs of our residents.

How will the pilot program work?

During the two year period, anyone who rides Orangeville Transit will be able to do so without paying a fare. Town Staff will continue to collect data, updating Council regularly on how the program is performing. This includes information about ridership numbers, the financial impact of the program and more.

At the end of the two-years, the success of the program will be assessed for Council to determine whether or not to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do transit riders need to obtain a monthly pass or ticket to get on the bus?
No – all riders will get on the bus for free, and no passes are required to do so. 
Does this apply to all residents?
Yes – all riders can ride for free for the two year pilot period. 
What happens if I purchased a 2023 bus pass?

Please visit customer service to obtain a refund. You can visit Customer Service in person at 87 Broadway or call 519-941-0440. 

Transit Update Reports

August 14, 2023

View the Orangeville Transit schedule here.