The Town of Orangeville hosts a variety of community events each year. We believe that festivals and events are important cultural attractions that benefit the community and help improve community integration and engagement!

Check out our event calendar to learn about upcoming events in Orangeville.

Hosting an event

Are you interested in hosting an event in Orangeville? We can help with everything from booking a facility to getting all the necessary permits. Whether you are organizing a family reunion, baby shower or large community event, we have a facility available to make your event a success.

Promoting an event

The digital sign located at 200 Lakeview Court, at the corner of Highway 10 and Broadway promotes tourism-related events happening in Orangeville. The sign schedule and content is managed by the Town of Orangeville’s Economic Development & Culture office.

To be considered for display on the sign, content must:  

  • Encourage tourism in our community
  • Promote tourism-related events happening in Orangeville or tourism-related events hosted by an organization based in Orangeville
  • Be managed by a not-for-profit organization

Please complete the application form to be considered for display on the sign. Requests for use of the sign must be made at least two weeks prior to the event date and are subject to display availability.