Orangeville Town Council welcomes members of the public to address Council on issues that are important to them. You may attend a Council meeting and address Council on an issue by requesting to appear as a delegation before Council.

If a member of the public has an interest in an existing matter listed on the meeting agenda, you may submit a delegation request form no later than 10 a.m. on the day of the meeting.

Requests to present as a delegation to bring a new matter before council must be received at least seven days prior to the meeting that you would like to attend as a delegate.

Please note

Any correspondence provided to Council will be included on an open Council agenda which is published to the Town website.

Presentation tips

As a delegation, you are allowed to speak for five minutes, as outlined in the Procedural By-law. Please make sure to follow these presentation tips when addressing Council:

  • state your full name
  • always address comments to the Mayor or Chair (regardless of where the question came from)
  • address the Mayor as Mayor (last name) or Your Worship
  • use the microphone while speaking

Request a delegation

Please include the following information in your request:

  • background information
  • presentation materials
  • any handouts
  • the nature of your request for Council

Request a delegation