Orangeville Transit is committed to making your trip enjoyable. Learn about our fare-free transit pilot or check out our route schedule and maps before your next trip.

Review and follow our riding guidelines and make sure you are always respectful of other passengers.


Service animals, such as guide dogs, are allowed on all Orangeville Transit vehicles. All other animals must be contained in an animal carrier that can fit on your lap.

Backpacks and bulky bags

If you are carrying a backpack or large bag, please make sure it doesn't block the aisles. You should remove the bag from your back and place it on the floor or on your lap while riding.

Priority seating

All Orangeville Transit buses have a designated priority seating area for individuals with mobility issues. These seats are typically located near the front of the bus. If you are in the priority seating area, please leave the seat if a passenger with a mobility issue gets on the bus.

Strollers, walkers and shopping carts

If you have a stroller or walker on the bus, please make sure that they don't block the aisles. If possible, we recommend folding strollers and walkers.

We allow shopping carts and packages as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • items must not block the aisles or restrict passenger movements
  • you must control all items
  • you must be able to carry all items onto the bus in one trip
  • do not place shopping items or bags on passenger seats if the bus is crowded

Support persons

We offer free transit services to personal support workers accompanying an individual that requires assistance. All of our vehicles are accessible.