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CAO reconfirms support for Treasurer's police costing analysis

The analysis of the Ontario Provincial Police costing by the Town’s Treasurer was not meant to be confrontational, nor competitive, says Orangeville Chief Administrative Officer Ed Brennan. “It was an analysis conducted by an extremely competent professional, with some reasonable and conservative assumptions.”

In response to comments in the local media regarding a presentation made to the Orangeville Police Services Board by a retired Metro Toronto police officer with experience as a police service advisor, Mr. Brennan says it’s unfortunate there was no consultation with the Treasurer who could have provided information on the analysis prior to the advisor’s presentation to the Orangeville Police Services Board this week.

“The Treasurer’s report indicated significant savings following a three-year transitional contract with the OPP. It’s our duty to bring that information to light for Orangeville Council to factor into any future decision on policing services. Town staff will work alongside the Orangeville Police Service or the Ontario Provincial Police – the decision rests with Council.”

As for the costing analysis provided by Treasurer Marc Villeneuve, the CAO stands behind that presentation, as well as Mr. Villeneuve’s competence and integrity. He said Mr. Villeneuve’s presentation focused on the financial impact – projecting both high and low costs.

 “Mr. Villeneuve is an experienced and accomplished chartered professional accountant (CPA), with over 12 years of experience in his field of expertise. During his career as a CPA, CA, and municipal Treasurer, Mr. Villeneuve has been responsible for performing complex data analysis, the precise and timely completion of analyses, and the development and review of business plans, forecasts and strategies to address short and long-term financial objectives. Mr. Villeneuve has had significant involvement in municipal audits and has extensive experience in research, interpretation and implementation of legislative and financial requirements.”