OPP Costing 2019

OPP Costing 2019

The Town of Orangeville is undertaking a review of policing services.

Update: A Costing and Contract Policing Proposal was presented by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) at the June 10, 2019 Council meeting.

A resolution was also passed approving a schedule of meetings for the review of policing services. This resolution is a follow up to report CAO-2019-005.

On May 13, 2019 Council passed a resolution directing the CAO to issue requests for proposals/quotes for a consultant to analyze the cost and services for policing services in the Town. The RFP has been issued. Click here for the Notice on the Town's website.

The OPP Billing Model was presented at the April 29, 2019 Council meeting.  

In January 2019, Council received confirmation that its December 10, 2018 resolution requesting the OPP prepare a costing proposal for the provision of policing services for the Town of Orangeville was approved and an initial meeting was held between the Town of Orangeville and the OPP. 

Information regarding OPP Contract Proposals and Amalgamations can be found on the OPP's website including the Information Manual for OPP Contract Proposal Process.

As the Town of Orangeville moves through the OPP costing proposal process, the information we receive will be provided to our residents through this web page. Questions may be submitted to [email protected] and the answers will be made available through this web page.

Links to information for the 2019 OPP Costing are listed below:

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  5. Certified copy of May 13, 2019 Council Resolution - Consultant - OPP Costing Proposal
  6. April 29, 2019 OPP Billing Model Presentation
  7. Information Report to Council: CAO-2019-001 - OPP Costing Proposal Initial Meeting and Information Update


Links to information from 2017 OPP Costing are listed below:

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